The Best Video Editing Software for Consumers

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Today, the video editing industry sometimes seems polarized. You’re either a 20-year industry vet adding after-effects to the latest Disney blockbuster flop, or you’re an unemployed college graduate posting six-second Vine videos on Twitter. So much for the movie-making middle class.

But wait: there’s still hope! At FindTheBest, we know you’re tired of iPhone birthday videos and dinner parties spliced together on an HTC One. Here are some of the best entry and intermediate offerings on the market today. Lights… camera…

Best Free Video Editors

Like a shot-glass-sized sample at a coffeehouse, these freebies will provide a quick thrill, but probably leave you wanting more. Still, compared to a lot of the free drivel out there, they’re suitable starting points. Linux runs them all, while Lightworks works on Windows and Kdenlive is compatible with Mac.

Keep in mind: Almost all free video editors (including these three) are open source, meaning…

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